Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So where have I been???

I have gotten a few emails wondering what happened to the blog, WELL, times have gotta kinda tough at work. More of our business has gone overseas in the last year than our business has lost in the 35 years since my Dad started the company. So we launched a new business hoping to bring our product to customers direct and at a economical price, so I give you the Ware River Pet Company.

I know we can compete on price and certainly on quality with our housebreaking pads for your pets, by selling direct. We will be having our website up soon for direct sales but right now we are selling on-line using the following links:



and we are on Facebook and Twitter, if you wish to follow there too for the latest updates and special promotions. AND we have a blog so you can read about what we are up too as well as see pictures of our dogs and cats. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND HELP SPREAD THE WORD!!!

If you want to hear my Dad talk about the state of our business, he was interviewed by WBUR radio and you can listen to the interview through the link here:


Friday, September 3, 2010

Capitolfest chooses its star, Louie goes nuts!!

One of my most favorite film festivals, Capitolfest, has chosen it's featured star for its 2011 festival and the award goes to:


Since she is one of my favorites, I am absolutely drooling in excitement over the films they might show next year. I'm hoping they'll be able to find runnable prints of "Merely Mary Ann" (1931) or the intriguing "High Society Blues" (1930), which Janet hated sooooooo much that she walked out on her contract at Fox. If you want to keep up on the latest news, sign up on their Facebook page and keep up to date with the latest news!