Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy birthday Joan Blondell!

Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows of my love for Joan Blondell.  The snappy, wise-cracking dame of those early Warner Brothers talkies has her 106th birthday today, so let's have a photo retrospective of prints from my collection.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOAN!!!!

 a publicity still from 1931's "Night Nurse"

 with future husband Dick Powell in "Broadway Gondolier" (1935)

 Joan pulled out all the stops for her portrayal of Zeena in the film noir "Nightmare Alley" (1947)

a publicity shot with real life best friend Glenda Farrell, riding them Harleys!!

 as 'Flips' Montague in the 1932 Paramount feature "Make Me A Star"

 we move on to 1936 and Joan is now married to her co-star Dick Powell in "Gold Diggers of 1937"

 riding the rails with the ALWAYS hilarious Guy Kibbee.  I believe this is from 1934's "Dames"

 court room drama as Joan appears before the press camera during her divorce proceedings against cinematographer George Barnes.  Her first marriage was finally dissolved in September of 1936.

 although Joan appeared in Busby Berkley's 1933 film "Footlight Parade", she never appeared in the "Sittin' On A Backyard Fence" number, where this costume originates.

 Dorothy Mackaill lounges in bed while Joan soaks in the tub, "The Office Wife" (1930)

 Joan not wanting to see what the scale says!  Early 1930's promotional shot