Tuesday, October 27, 2009

early 30's movie premiers - part 2

Continuing from the first part I posted, here are more of your favorite stars showing up at 2 or 3 movie premiers in the early 30's. As you can see in the Ralph Bellamy and Ernst Lubitsch photos, there is a display behind them showing a poster of 1931's "The Smiling Lieutenant" so I assume at least a few of these are from the opening night of the film.

Most people have been identified while others remain a mystery, so if anyone can shed some light on who the unknowns are, contact me.

Harry Banister & Ann Harding
(Ian Elliot has identified the poster behind her as 1931's "Devotion")

Earle Foxe & unknown

Ernst Lubitsch & (tentatively idendified by Ian Elliot) Ona Munson

Rochelle Hudson & unknown

unknown and Roy D'Arcy

James Dunn and Molly O'Day
(Thanks Donna and Rob!!)

2 unknown females with Wallace Beery

unknown & Wynn Gibson

Lydell Peck & Janet Gaynor

Polly Moran with 2 unidentified people in the background

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sexy time Saturday #9

Another Saturday, another batch of sexy pictures to enjoy!

a couple of stills from "Heaven Only Knows" (1947) with Robert Cummings

GADZOOKS! Elizabeth Allan
(thanks to Rich for the clarification!)

unidentified bathing beauty

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

early 30's movie premiers - part 1

Here we have a bunch of photos from at least 2 (possibly 3) movie premiers from the early 30's. One of the films I know is the 1931 Universal film "Strictly Dishonorable" as there are photos showing the marquee from it's opening night at the Fox Carthay Circle Theater in Los Angeles on December 26 of that year.

Another of the films may be "The Smiling Lieutenant" as (in part 2 will show) the movie poster display certainly shows Maurice Chevalier's beaming face. I believe that there is actually some from another premier, but at this time I have nothing to go on other than the 3 different displays behind a few of the stars in all the combined pictures.

Also, I used the info that was written on the back of the individual pics for the people I couldn't identify, which also may be incorrect and as with a my previous posts, some of the people in these pictures are unidentified, so those of you with a good eye, let me know if you see somebody you recognize.

Fifi D'orsay with the emcee for the "Strictly Dishonorable" premier Freeman Lang

Ivan Lebedeff & unknown

James Kirkwood & wife Beatrice Powers
(hat tip to Harold Aherne)

Lois Wilson with unknown

Lydell Peck with wife Janet Gaynor

Marjorie White with unknown

Rochelle Hudson and unknown

Pat O'Brien and his wife Eloise Taylor
(derby tip to the ALWAYS informative Ian Elliot)