Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Janet Gaynor - born 103 years ago today

On October 6th, 1906, Laura Augusta Gainor was brought into this world. Today, I celebrate one of my favorite actresses with a photo tribute featuring some rare candids. Happy 103rd, Janet!!

the caption on the back says it was taken at Santa Anita Racetrack

"appearing in William Fox Photoplays"

with her mother Laura visiting the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

posing in front of the writers building at Fox

enjoying a costume party in the early 40's

tinkling the keys with Ramon Navarro

chatting with Isabel Jewell on the set of "Small Town Girl"

on the stand during her divorce from first husband Lydell Peck


Gina L. said...

Very nice, Louie!!! Great pics! I really like the ones of her as a child -- how cute!!!!!

Lolita of the Classics said...

Oh, cool child pictures! Thanks for all the rest of them too - really good choices!

Louie said...

Thanks. I have MANY more of Janet in the collection!

Samantha said...

The one of her at Coney has to have been super posed. There isn't another person in sight! I like the one of her eating and studying her script (or is that a book?). She was a very pretty girl, wasn't she?

Unknown said...

Art loves Janet. She's his favorite (other than me, of course). I'm sure he would love to see some of the other photos from your collection. :D

Louie said...

There are some people on the other side of the bridge but it certainly could have been before opening time. It is certainly a book that she's reading, although I can't read the title.

Ms. Romecapitol,
I didn't know that.....interesting. I probably have 250-300 pictures of her in total so I could certainly bring some to Syracuse in March.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Janet! We still love you!!!

Lolita of the Classics said...

I like your new presentation pic too, you look cultivated! ;)

Louie said...

Thanks, it's from my "Bauhaus" period!

A said...
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A said...

Wow! She's beautiful and terribly stylish! I think my favourite is the third picture from Coney Island with that most wonderful hat. This has made my day!

VP81955 said...

Hard to believe Janet was only two years older (to the day) than Carole Lombard, since Janet achieved her fame so much earlier. (They were friends, by the way.)

Incidentally, Janet was initially announced as the female lead in "Nothing Sacred," but a day or two later, Selznick changed the casting to Lombard. Janet might have made an interesting Hazel Flagg, though she certainly would have played the character much differently than Carole did.

Erinna said...

Wow, these pictures are simply fantastic, she is so stylish. I esspecially love her coat with the leopard colar, so adorable.

jordiegirl said...

Lovely photos, she's very attractive. Thanks for sharing.

Nasim said...

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