Tuesday, October 29, 2013

El with ???? #3 - at a party??

Here's another of the "El with unidentified people" posts. Looks like he's at some sort of gathering but no further details. I'm guessing mid-1930's with this one. Anyone have any idea??

Friday, October 11, 2013

El with ???? #2 - radio show??

Here we go with another round of help me identify the people pictured with El. These 3 pictures all come from the same say and they appear to be taken in a recording studio or a broadcast room. Nothing is indicated on the reverse of any of these, so help if you can!

photo is slightly out of focus but the man on the right is holding a large document which is inscribed "Resolution" on the top.

*UPDATE - There has been much speculation that the gentleman in the photo may be Ralph Edwards (I think he's too young to be him) or Jack Parr (a certain possibility). Jury is still out.*

in these two we see what appears to be a script on the table which would lead me to believe a radio show more than a rehearsal for a movie or TV

*UPDATE - Bob Birchard (by writing) and Ian Elliot (by providing a photo) have identified the man in the bottom two photos as Los Angeles radio DJ Al Jarvis. This picture on the Getty Images website, seems to prove this one!*