Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Joan Blondell - photoblog celebrates her b-day!

One of my favorite actresses was born 105 years ago today and what better way to celebrate the life and career of Joan Blondell then a photoblog, right?  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOANIE!!

 with Dick Powell and Guy Kibbee from the sadly lost 1933 film "Convention City"

 with Helen Twelvetrees and Lilyan Tashman in 1931's "Millie"

 backstage candid probably during the mid to late 30's at Warner Brothers

 on the radio with Warren William

 publicity still with Stuart Erwin for "Make Me A Star" (1932)

 looking as GREAT as ever!

someone help me, I know I've seen the film before but I'm drawing a blank!

 with real-life best pal Glenda Farrell in "Traveling Saleslady" (1935)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sexy time Saturday - unknowns, you name 'em

While I wait out hurricane Irene during it's SLOW trip up the Eastern seaboard, I thought what a great diversion would be to have another round of sexy vintage pictures.  This time I have absolutely no idea who these women are so it's up to the readers to clue me in to their identity.  If there were clues on the back of the pictures, I will post then under the images:

appearing in George White's Scandals

Carrie Liz clued us in that this maybe Andrea Leeds.

Carrie Liz let us know that the starlet is Phyllis Stanley in "The Next of Kin" (1942)

Conchita Montenegro (in the middle) from the 1931 MGM film, "Never the Twain Shall Meet".  
(Hat tip to Rich Finegan!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

El Brendel & I get some press

Yup, word is getting out on our favorite Swede.  Just look at this article in the Syracuse New Times about the upcoming Capitolfest film show this weekend:

Cinema Paradiso in Syracuse New Times

I even get a mention!  Don't forget, CAPITOLFEST THIS WEEKEND!  Tickets can still be purchased, even right at the box office on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, and even on line.  See you there and don't forget to say hello!