Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Joan Blondell - photoblog celebrates her b-day!

One of my favorite actresses was born 105 years ago today and what better way to celebrate the life and career of Joan Blondell then a photoblog, right?  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOANIE!!

 with Dick Powell and Guy Kibbee from the sadly lost 1933 film "Convention City"

 with Helen Twelvetrees and Lilyan Tashman in 1931's "Millie"

 backstage candid probably during the mid to late 30's at Warner Brothers

 on the radio with Warren William

 publicity still with Stuart Erwin for "Make Me A Star" (1932)

 looking as GREAT as ever!

someone help me, I know I've seen the film before but I'm drawing a blank!

 with real-life best pal Glenda Farrell in "Traveling Saleslady" (1935)


Eric Stott said...

"Millie" is one of Blondell's rare "Dumb Blond" roles- and she does it beautifully.

Louie said...

It's true, love me some Joanie!

Anonymous said...

I like the photo of her sitting on the table

Louie said...

YUP, it's pretty darn HOT!

Aliya said...

Beautiful images! Thanks for sharing them!!

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x Aliya

Snow White Archive said...

Do you know how many of her films are on DVD?

Louie said...

You can find a bunch of her films available from the Warner Archives series:


Except for the lost "Convention City", I have all her features up until 1949.

Anonymous said...

Off the wall, but a book store in Monterey a couple of years ago issued a catalogue of Jo Mora collectibles, one of which was an illustrated menu from a ship autographed by Joan Blondell and Dick Powell on their honeymoon.

Ginger Ingenue said...

I just read about CONVENTION CITY the other night; first time I'd ever heard of it. Something about how they'd have to put a bra on Joan Blondell.

She looks amazing in that photo for it!!