Friday, September 30, 2011

Guest blogger time - Unreleased El Brendel film

The good people over at the Capitol Theater in Rome, New York recently started a new blog, The Capitol Letter, and they asked me to contribute a guest article for them.  I chose to write about the unreleased 1932 El Brendel film, "Born to Fight".  So head on over to their site and check it out!

El Brendel in a scene from the unreleased "Born to Fight"




Stacia said...

Speaking of unreleased, did you see this?

It's early El in something called "Love's Magic" with Florence Vidor and Bozo the Goose. Can't find a thing about it online.

Louie said...

Yes! I do have that still. it can be seen here:

"Love's Magic" or "Love Magic" is the working title to the 1926 Paramount film "You Never Know Women". A print does survive at the Library of Congress and it was shown at Capitolfest and Cinecon last year. I wrote the notes for the Capitolfest program so if you are interested, I can email them to you.

Stacia said...

Louie, you are the most amazing dude ever. This is fascinating stuff! I knew You Never Know Women existed because I saw it referenced for Capitolfest, but that's ALL I knew about it. If you get a chance, yes, drop me those notes.

Snow White Archive said...

I read your article. Well done. Even if the acting or directing was terrible, it's too bad the film wasn't simply shelved rather than destroyed (as it most likely was). It'd be worth it just to see a cowboy hat like that in action.