Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Charley Chase needs your help!

Anyone who has read this blog for any period of time, knows how much I love the work of the comedian Charley Chase. While I was in Columbus Ohio for Cinevent, word came that the supposedly imminent DVD release of the 2-reelers Chase made for Columbia were put on hold due to the bad economy and lack of interest from the buying public. The latter is simply NOT true and a petition was started and signed by many attendees of the festival. Yair Solan, webmaster of THE Charley Chase website has posted an online petition and he writes:

All twenty of Charley Chase's films for Columbia Pictures (1937-40) have been restored and preserved in 35mm prints. Unfortunately, the upcoming DVD set by Sony Pictures Entertainment has been postponed due to the current state of the consumer market and (gasp!) a perceived lack of interest. Stan Taffel has started an online petition to let Sony know that there is interest in these culturally significant and very entertaining films.

Please take a quick moment to sign the online petition at ... mbiashorts

so that Sony knows how much of a demand there is for these priceless comedies.

Feel free to send the link to the petition to every film fan and organization you think would help. Charley Chase was one of film comedy's greatest pioneers, who has been enjoying a renaissance in recent years...and we want this renaissance to continue!

Yair goes on to say that the signatures will be turned over to Sony at the end of June 2009.

Let's get these released, hunh?

from "The Nightshirt Bandit" (1938)


Samantha said...

You don't actually have to donate the $2. If you want, you can skip that section and your name will still be signed.

Louie said...

HAHAHAHHA! Super! Well, I ghave my $2.

retroliving said...


Brian Nelson said...

Signed and delivered! Now for those Musical Novelties!

Louie said...

From what I hear, some of those Musical Novelties may be included as extras on future releases.

Matthew Coniam said...

I have a couple of these on scuzzy bootleg and they're a really interesting watch alongside the Roach ones... How DARE they just sit on 'em?!

Anonymous said...


I skipped over the donation part whn I signed, too, but then my comment didn't show up. And comparing notes with others who did the same, it seems that if one doesn't make a donation but leaves a comment, the comment will not show up on the final list.
But comment or not, it is VERY important that we get the word to Sony that we want the Chase shorts released and will purchase the DVD's. I like how some people have commented that they promise to buy extras as gifts, too. Great idea!
EVERYBODY PLEASE sign the petition!!
We can make this happen!

Lolita said...

I've signed! I haven't seen too much of Charley Chase, but I really want to have the option.