Monday, May 10, 2010

Sally's photo album - part 9 - wintertime

We're winding down on the posts from Sally's album (just one more after this one) and we head back out on the street for another urban fashion show. Seeing the winter coats on everyone these probably dates from late fall/early winter (duh).

I have really enjoyed sharing these photos of an unknown woman and her life with all my readers and if I run across another album as interesting as this, I'll share that, too.


Sally and Herky

Herky getting checked out by some cougars!



Samantha said...

Herky and the cougars= hilarious!

I like Herky. I think he was Sally's boyfriend/husband, no?

Louie said...

Yes, they were married. In fact, I have their photo album! But, I think my viewers are all done with Sally to post those and they are ready to move back to the film stuff.

Samantha said...

Nein! Ich mochte Sally und Herky sehen!