Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sexy time Saturday #3240874019284

Back from a hiatus, as I have been with my previous 2 posts, so lets have another round of Sexy Time, shall we?

John Halliday from the 1931 feature "Captain Applejack" (THANK YOU to Richard M. Roberts if the ID's!)

Joe E. Lewis surrounded by a bevy of babes

I originally thought this was from the 1933 feature "Flying Down 
 To Rio" but the code on the still tells me maybe not??

and Yvonne Duval in some still from "Coconut Grove" (1938)

and finally, Fifi D'Orsay nearly showing us the goods in this early 30's picture


Suzane Weck said...

Ola,adoro rever "old days".Meu abraço e um Feliz Ano Novo.SU.

reprobates said...

Hey There Louie,

The actress and actor in CAPTAIN APPLEJACK are Kay Strozzi and John Halliday.