Sunday, September 7, 2008

El rides a bicycle!

I figure I'd post something fun and kinda unusual today as it's Sunday and how about something not too taxing?

These photos come from the early 30's and offer no information on the reverse except for "El Brendel-Fox". I have no idea why the photo department at Fox would have him pose with a bicycle as I find no mention of him enjoying riding a bike or any films from that period that had him on a bike.

Anyway, just have fun with these as we go into the last days of summer.


Stacia said...

Dig that crazy hat!

Louie said...

Word to that CRAZY hat!!

Stacia said...

Tonight on TCM was a Ken Murray TV special from the 1950s called "Hollywood: My Hometown". Murray took home videos of actors in the 1920s and 1930s and that's pretty much what made up the special. El Brendel was in it! Murray had apparently been filming behind the scenes during "If I Had My Way". You don't see a lot of Brendel, it's brief, but I thought I'd mentioned it. I'll have to record it when it's on again.

Louie said...

Yes, I recorded it. If you need a copy let me know.

Stacia said...

You're one step ahead of me, my friend. I'll get it when it's on again, TCM shows it every few months.

I love that Murray pronounced Brendel correctly, too.