Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday with Janet Gaynor

One of the reasons for starting this blog was certainly to try to create a greater appreciation for the much maligned comedian El Brendel, whom New York's Film Forum once referred to as "history’s most irritating comedian". Another reason was to show photos and memorabilia I have acquired of some of my favorite stars and this is the post to start it off.

These photos come from the 1932 Fox Production "Tess of the Storm Country" starring one of my faves Janet Gaynor and her frequent screen companion Charles Farrell. An absolutely STUNNING print of this film was shown at this years Capitolfest in Rome New York (which if you haven't been to yet, what have you been waiting for??).

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Carrie said...

What terrific stills. I love the pose of the full-length shot especially.

Count me as another Janet Gaynor fan. (A Charlie Farrell fan too.) I'm in the midst of composing a web site about Janet. I wonder if you would be interested in writing a feature for the site: "Gaynor and Brendel"--maybe with a snazzier title. You'd have to provide your own pictures though. I'm just barely squeaking by with 13 Janet photos at present, none of them with El.

Don't suppose you'd like to show off more items from your Janet collection on the site. I could certainly use your help.

In any case, thanks for posting these "Tess" stills.

Best Regards,