Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cigarette cards

During the early 30's, El Brendel was featured on a number of cigarette cards from around the world. Here are a couple:


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness SOMEONE is championing the cause of El Brendel! I certainly have tried, over at Scarlet Street forums, under "Comedy Tonight."

A shame some of those Fox films are apparently lost; one can only hope even a battered 16mm copy will surface someday of THE GOLDEN CALF. I believe one or two EB rarities exist in the UCLA archives, so why aren't they on the Fox Channel like JUST IMAGINE?

Louie said...

There are TONS of Fox films that exist but are not shown on FMC probably because they think they'll be lack of interest. There are a number of Fox stars that they could show but choose not too, for some reason. Janet Gaynor, Warner Baxter, Victor McLaglen etc.

Thanks for visiting the site and keep returning for more updates about all things El and other stars!