Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Glass movie slides

I LOVE the old glass slides that theaters used to use to promote their upcoming films. As with my movie tastes I tend to like the slides from the late 20's/early 30's pre-code era. They are colorful, have fantastic images on them, and many times the women are scantily clad! Here are 4 from my collection and although we don't see any slips or lingerie in this batch, we DO get to see Fifi D'orsay's legs in an unusual (almost anatomically unbelievable) pose. I have lots more coming in the future so stay tuned and, as with all the images on this site, click on them to see a larger picture!!


Anonymous said...

I'd hate to think all these films are lost!

Louie said...

I know "Such Men Are Dangerous" exists because I saw it at Cinefest in Syracuse a few years ago.

"Surrender", I have no idea. It is not at UCLA.

UCLA has 2 reels of "Those Three French Girls" on 16mm, but since it is MGM it may be somewhere other than that archive.

"Cheer Up And Smile" is preserved at UCLA.

Anonymous said...

"Those Three French Girls" has always been in the MGM Pre-1948 movie TV package. It was shown on TNT and has been on TCM. It will be on again, we can be sure. But how soon?
---- Rich Finegan

Anonymous said...

Good to know, everybody! I went to Cinefest in 1990 and have always wanted to return but it's been impractical. Saw my share of rarities. Also saw Leonard Maltin enter the screening room with popcorn!