Sunday, November 2, 2008

"What Happens When You Turn on the Heat!"

I just love these studio promo photos that had stars in funny situations. From the studio snipe on the back:

"El Brendel, Fox comedy star, decides to entertain company by playing a record, Turn On The Heat" from "Sunny Side Up," in which he was featured. Note the record finish."


Eric Stott said...

The record in El's hand has a Brunswick label discontinued in 1924, so it definitely wouldn't have had "Turn On the Heat" on it. Looks like the studio was saving a bit of money by melting an old disc. BTW- in 1930 MGM bought the Brunswick company but it was a money looser for them and they dumped in a few years later.

King of Jazz said...

Love that lamp!

Anonymous said...

Apparently El intended to burn a CD but reached for the wrong disc!
---- Rich Finegan