Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hollywood in Hawaii

Here are some photographs I acquired from an old scrapbook of many Hollywood stars and other celebs in Hawaii. Sorry for the poor quality but most of these are really small and they are all nothing more than snapshots, but I think their historical value will shine through. Some of them are unidentified so any help is appreciated. I figure the date of these would be around the mid-30's.

FDR, again

Olive and George Brasno (thanks Steve Massa!)

Paulette Goddard and Lady Castlerosse (thanks Phil Posner!)

Bruce Cabot and Adrienne Ames.
(Thanks Brent Walker, Steve Massa, and Ian Elliot)

Carol Lombard (that's how it's spelled on the back) and William Powell


Anonymous said...

Yes, quite fascinating; doubtful they've been seen in any significant way at all since the 1930s! The informality of most of the shots are especially of interest. Given this was during the Depression, this was quite an idyllic reality for these people!

Jack R said...

Amazing!! Thanks for sharing these.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much sweety!
Paulette Goddard looks so fresh,wonderful!

VP81955 said...

Had never seen that Lombard pic before, so I wrote an entry about it at my site, "Carole & Co.":


(That's "195506.html" at the end, for some of you who might have trouble reading it.)

Continued success, and you are welcome to visit "Carole & Co.", where we examine Lombard, her life and times, and people she knew and worked with.

Matt said...

Great photos. Mahalo from Maui, HI