Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sexy time Saturday #2

Here we go with another installment of "Sexy time"! As always, if there is anyone in the photos that I can't identify that you can, or the name of any movie that escapes me, please send the info along and I will change it.
If you don't know her, then you have to ask just what have you been doing with your sad life.

Dorothy Sebastian and Joan Crawford clowning around on the beach.

I believe this is Colleen Moore (sitting down) but I have no idea which film it's from.

From the Wheeler and Woolsey film "Diplomaniacs" (a LARGE tip of the derby to Brian Nelson, cartoonist extraordinaire, who SHOULD have a website!)

Unknown chorus girls from "Wonder Bar"


Jonas Nordin said...

The Wheeler & Woolsey movie must be Hips Hips Hooray (1934)

EOCostello said...

I'm wondering if the Colleen Moore film might be "Footlights and Fools," a backstager she did for Warner Bros. in 1929 which is now a lost film.

Anonymous said...

Judging by Woolsey's always-tasteful suit and the girls' outfits, I'd say DIPLOMANIACS and the "Along the Boulevard" number.

Louie said...


Louie said...

It possibly could be "Footlight and Fools", but there is no writing on the still or numbers, so until we can get an expert on it, I'll keep it unidentified for now now. THANKS for the input.

Thanks for the input, but "Hips, Hips, Hooray" may be the only W&W film I have seen multiple times so I knew it wasn't that one.


Anonymous said...


I agree that the Wheeler & Woolsey still is from "Diplomaniacs", and am sure because the letter/number code at the lower right (IR-63) stands for "In The Red" which was the working title for "Diplomaniacs".
Great pictures... keep 'em coming! said...

Adele Lacy gives new meaning to the phrase "foxy lady" yowza!

Anonymous said...

I'm always posting photos of Bettie Page saying "I can't figure out who this is ;)" And I get a barage of emails informing me who Bettie Page is!! LOL -- I wonder if they're serious?