Wednesday, February 18, 2009

El Brendel returns to Cinefest!!!!

HOOOOO-RAAAAAY!!! The news has been announced on their Facebook page, that El's "The Last Trail" has been added to the schedule for this years Cinefest film festival next month in Syracuse, New York! I wrote all about this movie after seeing a print of it last October and I am excited to be able to see it again with an audience of more than 3! Oh, yeah......... I guess George O'Brien and Claire Trevor are in it, too, for those people who care about such things!!!

If you don't know about Cinefest, you can check it out here and read a review of a person's 2002 visit here. And, if you attend and see me there, say HELLO would ya??

And, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few more stills that I had left over from that October blog:


Eric Stott said...

Please let them show thin on Friday or Saturday- I will SO be there!

(I'll be the guy with the picture of Frank Fay on the lunch table)

Anonymous said...


Another great job Louie.

Eric, as of now "The Last Trail" is scheduled at Cinefest for 10:45 P.M. on Thursday night. I hope you can get to see it.
I saw it once (last October with a small group of friends including a certain nice guy I know who's the world's foremost El Brendel supporter...) We enjoyed it quite a bit and appreciated the opportunity to see a rare Brendel title. Little did we know then that so soon after, someone else would offer a print to be shown at Cinefest.
My impressions of the movie were of course, that Claire Trevor looked beautiful! And it was a good El Brendel performance, too.
A word of recommendation to anyone who might be considering skipping it at Cinefest because they may not care for westerns: give it a chance. It really is as much a gangster movie as a western, and with a good dose of comedy as well.