Friday, February 6, 2009

Lux Interior 1946-2009

Although this has NOTHING to do with El Brendel or film at all, I would just like to extend a big THANKS to Lux Interior, lead singer of The Cramps who passed away on February 4th. The Cramps were a huge influence on me in my mid-teens and I have never forgotten Lux and Ivy as two of the many people who turned me on to not only their music but so much of the garage punk and rock 'n' roll that I continue to love today.


Juliet Cocker said...
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Juliet Cocker said...

i saw the Cramps perform at the fetish ball a few years ago- they were AMAZING! it was a crazy night and he made it perfect! i had no idea of his passing. :( r.i.p.