Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, El!!!

On March 25th, 1891, Elmer Goodfellow Brendel was brought into this world.


elena-lu said...

Yumpin' yiminy! what a good picture of him!

Paul F. Etcheverry said...

Happy Birthday, El - and I wish I had that Bla-Bla-Bla song from Delicious on DVD.

Now here's an El Brendel film I've been dying to see. The lovely and talented Wini Shaw of mid-30's First National/Busby Berkeley musicals and Soundies fame is in it:

Louie said...

"Delicious" is certainly out there if you know where to look (i.e. collectors market).

The film you linked to, "What, No Men!" (1934), is one I certainly want to see. It was nominated for an Oscar in 1934 in the Short Subjects (Comedy) category, but lost to "La Cucaracha" (RKO).

I have found out that "What, No Men!" has just recently been restored from the 3-strip Technicolor elements that were stored at UCLA, so hopefully we will be able to see it soon, in all its glory! Perhaps Warner Brothers will even release it as an extra on one of their DVDs??

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew the full extent of what UCLA has--it's like they harbor all sorts of wonderful secrets!

Louie said...

The information that I have (from a highly reliable source) is that the 35mm film elements for "What, No Men!" were accidentally misfiled at UCLA but they were found and immediately were preserved and restored.

The same source also let me know that ALL of Warner Brothers 3-strip Technicolor shorts starring El Brendel exist and have been restored.

Paul F. Etcheverry said...

Some of the other films in the series of Vitaphone 2-reel Technicolor musicals were released on the Busby Berkeley DVD box. Good Morning Eve! is great - and up on YouTube: