Saturday, March 14, 2009

State of the blog

I have been terribly lax updating this blog
lately but my pay job has kept me away from posting and I hope to rectify that soon. When I do have time to devote here, I spend it working on bits and pieces of many different articles and gearing up for Cinefest next week in Syracuse (where they will be showing my print of Billie Dove's 1931 film "The Lady Who Dared").

As a quick preview as to what blogs you'll see in the next few months, I will be posting about the El Brendel movies, "Hot Pepper", "Captain Caution" and "Sunny Side Up" as well as one that will focus on El's vaudville days. I also have a blog that will be out soon on the production and censoring of Wheeler and Woolsey's 1933 Columbia picture, "So This Is Africa", as well as posting more photos of stars I like and continuing the popular "Sexy time Saturday" series.

Stay tuned!


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Never you fear, chief--take your time.

Amy Jeanne said...

Ha. Same here. They just banned the Internet at my work (where I did most of my Internetting!) and my husband hogs the one at home. I knew when I started two blogs I wouldn't have time for both of them. Take your time -- you're always on my reading list!! :)

Eric Stott said...

Wheeler and Woolsey- Bless You!

Even in it's cut form So This Is Africa is pretty funny. I love the "Strange Interlude" parody that comes out of nowhere.

"lies, Lies, LIES!!"

elena-lu said...

no prob i always keept checking back to see if you have a new post! never fear! :-)