Friday, April 3, 2009

Miscellaneous pics for your Friday afternoon enjoyment

Since it's raining here in the North East of the US, I thought, what better way to spend a crappy afternoon then sharing some random pictures from my collection that really don't fit into anything I would probably be writing about. And as always, if someone is unidentified or misidentified, please let me know so I can change it. So here they are for you to enjoy!

Sharon Lynn at her home.

Robert Montgomery and Madge Evans from what is listed on the back of the still as being from the film "Courage", but was later retitled to "Lovers Courageous" (1932).

Albert Conte, as the Captain, catch Jack Oakie and Eugene Pallette with the "goods" in "Sea Legs" (1930)

Pola Negri in the lost "Shadows of Paris" (1924)

the ALWAYS lovely Billie Dove

an odd photo of Dorothy Lee

Mabel Todd and Ted Healy from "Hollywood Hotel" (1937)
(Thanks Stacia!!)

Unidentified actor (maybe T. Roy Brown??) and four Hula girls from 1930's "Carnival Revue"


Lolita said...

Wonderful photos! My favourites are the Sharon Lynn, Alice Joyce and Pola Negri ones!

Stacia said...

That's not Rosemary Lane in the "Hollywood Hotel" pic, it's Mabel Todd.

Is that Robert Montgomery still maybe from "Fugitive Lovers"? I ask because the lady looks like Madge Evans.

Samantha said...

That photo of Mabel Todd and Ted Healy together is great. I think they really play well off of each other in that movie, and she's such a riot. She was a pretty girl who wasn't afraid to let herself look ugly for the sake of comedy. Applause for that!

Amy Jeanne said...

It very well could be March, since mine has no cover and the spine is pretty much gone.

I only had this to date it by:

Is that in the inner cover of yours?

Amy Jeanne said...

Grrrr Blogger! Put this at the END of that link:


Louie said...

Yes, that absolutely is in the inside cover.

The cover is here:

elena-lu said...

beautiful photos thanks for sharing them!

Stacia said...

Hey, it's "Lovers Courageous"! Good catch, Louie. I've been wondering about that for days.