Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More arcade cards

Marion Douglas (aka Ena Gregory)


Lolita of the Classics said...

Beautiful pictures! A lot of actresses I didn't know, I almost feel ashamed. Time to look them up!

Unknown said...

Wonderful pictures!!!

Classic Maiden said...

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful pictures --->

- I love Alice White and that picture of her is just... Gorgeous.

- Anne Shirley is so underrated - I always like seeing pictures of her.

- Shirley Mason is so rare.... It's so difficult to find pictures of her or any of her movies for that matter. I've only managed to see her in THE SHOW OF SHOWS (1929) and A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1919).

- I gasped of joy when I saw that colorized picture of Dorothy Sebastian. She was amazing - I know her through the movies she did with Joan Crawford, especially!

- Dorothy Lee is so sexy there, but then isn't she always?

- Such a cute picture of Janet Gaynor. I've never really warmed up to her, but a great actress no doubt.

- Need to see more films with Sydney Fox. I love her hairstyle there.

- and of course Nancy Carroll. She was always so cute and gorgeous, especially when pictures were taken of her from the side.

- I always love seeing Virginia Bruce, especially in Pre-Codes. Thank you especially for this great picture.

- Mary Carlisle is possibly the most stunning of them all, hence why I took her last. She's so sexy there. Another actress I love discovering in films, by accident.

Louie said...

Thanks for all the good words. I really try to keep it mixed up when I put together these postings, but I probably have enough Joan Blondell and Janet Gaynor stills to make about 150 separate blogs!