Tuesday, August 18, 2009

more glass slides 'cause I been busy

Here we go with another round of glass slides. I have been very busy as of late so updates may be a little sparse for a bit. The warm weather makes me want to hop on my Vespa for a ride rather than sit in front of a computer but give it a few weeks and I should be back to normal.


Elise said...

Hello, I'm leaving you a comment because you have the most lovely blog. Fantastic writing and I love your pics as well. Best wishes !

chatchien said...

I, too, enjoy your blog, even though I don't leave comments on all your posts.

And why "Daddy Long Legs"? Is that like Mr. "Deep Pockets"?

Anonymous said...


More beautiful images, nicely reproduced. Any time you're too busy to post anything lengthy, feel free to show us more of these slides of coolness & colorfulness!
Thanks for your efforts.
Good job!