Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sexy time Saturday #7 - swimsuit issue

Here we are with another round of everyone's favorite, Sexy time Saturday. This time we have postcards (gleaned from my friend Rich) or some VERY adorable ladies in their great, and sexy, swimsuits.

And yes, I do realize that their names are printed on the postcards themselves. I encoded the names below the photos as clickable links in case you wanted to find out more information about the stars pictured. So sit back, sip a mojito or sangria (like I am doing on vacation), and enjoy these pics!

Joan Marsh, again

Helen Wright (I think the link is the correct one)


Vega said...

Oh how lovely! If I had one or two of those bathing outfits I would not be such a bath coward anymore I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of babes. Those swim caps are pretty sexy. Haha.

Eric Stott said...

Winnie Lightner in a bathing suit......I'm not certain what to think.

Anonymous said...


Hey thanks for posting some of my cards.
I really like that series. Wish I could find more.
Lillian Roth
Alice White
Sally Blane
Dorothy Lee
and, if I saw another...
Winnie Lightner!

Samantha said...

The one of Alice White is BEAUTIFUL! And look at all those shoes-- too cute.

Lolita said...

Adorable! Favourites: Lillian Roth and Alice White (but I saved them all!)

moans said...

The times of swimsuits have changed so much! Now, being sexy in them is all that matters for most girls and women.