Saturday, September 12, 2009

more pics from "The Golden Calf" - the extras

It seems I never run out of photos from "The Golden Calf". I have previously posted a bunch here and here, but while going my "archive" last week I found OVER 100 photographs from the El Brendel films "Movietone Follies of 1930", "Hot For Paris", "Olsen's Big Moment", and "The Golden Calf" that I never realized I had. I must have just put the 8X10's on the shelf when they came through the mail so I could go through and scan them later, and it seems I just forgot!!!

So here we go, these are extras from "TGC's" large dance finale and while NOT a legitimate "Sexy time Saturday" post, I think their "pre-code" outfits may lead one to think they should be included there.

I still have MORE pictures from this lost film to share, so look out for a future post with more of "The Golden Calf"!.


king of jazz said...

Keep those photos coming and maybe you can reconstitute the whole film.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting more cool stills from this must-see movie.
Are you sure you don't also have a print of it sitting forgotten on a shelf somewhere?

Louie said...

If I had a copy of it on my shelf, it would have already been shown somewhere. These things cannot stay locked up!

Samantha said...

They're so sparkly! Some of those photos remind me of winter/Christmas.