Tuesday, March 11, 2014

El Brendel returns to Cinefest, March 13th-16th

I know, I'm always late on promoting these things, but I have been invited back to show another El Brendel home movie at the Syracuse Cinephile Society's annual Cinefest film festival. It will be taking place March 13th - 16th and will have TONS of other rare film to show on their screen.

The film I am presenting is another reel from the stash of films I uncovered in 2011. This reel has been marked by El as "gags" and features just that; El performing gags in front of the camera. But there is also a section with behind the scenes footage from "The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend", on the TV show "Cowboy G-Men", and El goofing around with his wife, Flo.

El with a trick cigar from the "gags" reel

Here is the complete line up of films from Cinefest 34:
Thursday, March 13th
9:00 am    MAIN STREET T0 BROADWAY (1953) with Mary Martin
10:45 am  SATURDAY NIGHT (1922) with Leatrice Joy, Conrad Nagel     
1:00 pm    TAKING TRAILERS SERIALSLY Hosted by Ray Faiola
2:00 pm    CASEY AT THE BAT (1927) w/  Wallace Beery, Ford Sterling, Zasu Pitts
3:10 pm    SILENT COMEDY RARITIES PT1 From the Library of Congress
4:15 pm    SWING HIGH (1930) with Helen Twelvetrees, Fred Scott
8:00 pm    HOUSEHOLD BLUES (1929) with Monte Collins
8:10 pm    THE JOY GIRL (1927) With Olive Borden, Neil Hamilton
9:20 pm    FANCHON, THE CRICKET (1915) with Mary Pickford
10:40 pm  DARKENING TRAIL (1919) with William S. Hart, Enid Markey
11:25 pm   LOVE FROM A STRANGER (1937) with Ann Harding, Basil Rathbone

Friday, March 14th
9:00 am    ALWAYS GOODBYE (1931) with Elissa Landi, Lewis Stone
10:05 am  FOR THE DEFENSE (1915) with Fannie Ward, Jack Dean
11:10 am  THE BEST OF MOSTLY LOST From the Library of Congress
1:00 pm    UNDERCRANKING: Magic Behind the Slapstick  Hosted by Ben Model
2:15 pm    PARTNERS IN CRIME (1928) with Wallace Beery, Mary Brian
3:15 pm    SILENT COMEDY RARITIES PT 2 From the Library of Congress
4:25 pm    A WALTZ DREAM (1925) with Willy Fritsch
8:00 pm    A SONG IN THE DARK 4  Hosted by Richard Barrios
9:15 pm    NEW MOON (1919) with Norma Talmadge, Pedro de Cordoba
10:20 pm  SANDY (1926) with Madge Bellamy, Leslie Fenton, Harrison Ford
11:40 pm  BUCK PRIVATES(1928) Lya DePutti, Malcolm McGregor, Zasu Pitts
Saturday, March 15th
9:00 am    MAN TROUBLE (1930) with Milton Sills, Dorothy Mackaill
10:30 am  EL BRENDEL HOME MOVIES Hosted by Louie Despres
10:55 am  BACHELOR’S AFFAIRS (1932) with Adolphe Menjou
1:00 pm    WHAT’S-HIS-NAME (1913) Dir: Cecil B. DeMille with Max Figman
2:00 pm    THE SKY HAWK (1929) with Helen Chandler, John Garrick
3:20 pm    ANKLES PREFERRED  (1926) with Madge Bellamy
4:25 pm    THE DANCING PIRATE (1936) with Frank Morgan, Charles Collins
8:00 pm    HOME CURED (1926) with Johnny Arthur
8:15 pm    NOT EXACTLY GENTLEMEN (1931) with Victor McLaglen
9:20 pm    THE LIVE WIRE (1925) with Johnny Hines, Edmund Breese
10:25 pm   A DANGEROUS WOMAN (1929) with Olga Baclanova, Clive Brook
11:35 pm   DANGER ON THE AIR (1938) with Nan Grey, Donald Woods

Sunday, March 16th
9:00 am    THANKS A MILLION (1935) with Dick Powell, Fred Allen, Ann Dvorak
10:30 am  THE AUCTION (2014) Hosted by Leonard Maltin and George Read
12 noon    JUSTIN HERMAN SHOW 6 (1950s Paramount Toppers)
12:35 pm  THE DEVIL HORSE (1926) with Rex (the Devil Horse), Yakima Canutt
1:30 pm    WOMEN EVERYWHERE (1930)with J. Harold Murray, Fifi D’Orsay  
3:00 pm    THE CRAB (1917) with Thelma Salter, Frank Keenan 
3:55 pm    FLYING LUCK (1927) with Jean Arthur, Monty Banks

Hope to see you there!!

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