Wednesday, October 22, 2008

El Chevalier

Continuing the series of El appearing as other famous stars of the day, (according to the snipe on the back) here he is as Paramount player Maurice Chevalier.


Eric Stott said...

This shot has a surreal Magritte-like quality. I like the snappy hat though.

Anonymous said...

""Every little breeze do whistle dot Louise, by golly"

Anonymous said...

Watching "The Last Trail" I thought it was above the level of so many cheap B-westerns, but evidently it was not considered anything special by some when it came out. The reason a review of it could not be found in Harrison's Reports is that old Pete (Harrison) skipped it. He apparently didn't think it worth his effort to write a review.
Movie trade paper The Motion Picture Herald also passed on it, publishing no review.
Pretty good western, unworthy of its relative obscurity.
---- Rich Finegan

Anonymous said...

Cool & unusual picture! But one might think Fox would encourage El not to impersonate (and in doing so, perhaps indirectly promote) a rival studios' star (Chevalier was a Paramount star, of course).
--- Rich Finegan