Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sally's photo album - part 1

I LOVE vintage photo albums! From the smell of the crappy paper pages, the cheesy (and sometimes decorative) covers, to the adhesive corners of the paper pieces that held the pictures themselves in, there is something that I am drawn to. Not to mention they usually contain some cool pictures family members left behind for future generations not related to them. You know, the ones with the deckled edges that were shot probably with some shitty Argus camera which someone had smeared their greasy fingerprints all over the lens of stuff that only the immediate subjects would recognize or remember?

Here's one such album that I picked up years ago and I thought I would share some of these interesting pics with you all, mainly because I've been noting how many of the followers of this blog love vintage fashion, so these photo album posts are for you. It appears that this album was owned at one time by a woman named Sally (as she is pictured in many of the photos and is sometimes referred to as "me") sometime around the early 50's. Sally was either dating or married to a gentleman named Herky (you DID read that right!) and from other materials that came with the album I am speculating they lived in the Phialdelphia or Atlantic City area.

There were also many loose photos that were stuck between the pages of this album and whether or not they belong with the main group is not known, but they will be included in future posts.

This group are from Easter Sunday, April 9th, 1950 and represent the only time the people in the pics identities are written out. Is this the boardwalk at Atlantic City?? Let's meet the participants, shall we?

this is Sally (the person I believe owned this album)

Herky & Sally

Herky & Billy

Les & Sally



Helene, Les, & Sally

Helene & Les


nursemyra said...

Very stylish people

J. Theakston said...

Looks like AC to me. Steel's Fudge was near the Steel Pier, IIRC, and that hotel-ish looking building became Resorts, I think.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice in the fifth picture that the movie "Samson and Delilah" is playing at the theater behind Sally? It was released in late December 1949, so must have been quite popular there if it's still playing in April 1950.

Louie said...

Jack, AC is the first thing I thought of also.

Mr. Finegan, that movie was a HUGE hit and well within yer viewing time frame, correct???

Sally said...

So neat! Thanks for sharing!