Friday, April 30, 2010

Sally's photo album - part 6 - army dayz

Welcome back to more of Sally's photo album. The photos this time are somewhat of a mystery as all of them were shoved in the album loose and not tipped in. Obviously there is one the same persons in many shots and thanks to the description on the back, we discover that it is one Joseph DePasquale. We see him in Europe, back home visitng the parents and for the last shot out for a night on the town with some sweetie. We also have another man in the hand colored pics that I do not believe to be Joe, but he's in a number of them.

I have added text where info was written on the back

"Pvt. First Class Joseph DePasquale, at right, 1340 S. 4th Street"

"Italy 1943"

"Belgium February 1945"

For our last photo we have Joe here out for a night out at the Latin Casino which from what I have been able to find out used to be a popular nightclub in Philadelphia but moved to the suburb of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Nice "roving photographer" shot.

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