Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CINEFEST 2012!!!

Yes kiddies, it's that time of year again when all lovers of rare and unusual film make the trek to upstate New York to view a bunch of hard to see films.  Of course, I am talking about Cinefest which starts on March 15th in Syracuse (it's actually in the hamlet of Liverpool, but it's all about the films anyway, right??).  This is the 32nd year the boys and girls of the Syracuse Cinephile Society has put this show on and this year looks to be like another killer line-up!  Here's the schedule of films being shown, hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 15th

9:00 am    FOOTBALL 40 YEARS AGO (1931) with Glenn “Pop” Warner
9:10 am    HELLO OUT THERE (1949) Dir.: James Whale, with Harry Morgan
9:45 am    WIFE TROUBLE (1928) with Robert Graves, Adrienne Dore, Muriel Evans
9:55 am    BELL BOY 13 (1923) with Douglas Maclean
10:45 am    BAD COMPANY (1931) with Helen Twelvetrees, Ricardo Cortez


1:00 pm    RAY FAIOLA’S TRAILER MANIA SHOW  IV  Hosted by Ray Faiola
2:05 pm    MATCHMAKING MAMMA (1928) with Carole Lombard
2:25 pm    THE FORBIDDEN TRAIL (1923) with Jack Hoxie, Evelyn Nelson
3:20 pm    HELEN OF FOUR GATES (1921) with Alma Taylor
4:25 pm    RED SALUTE (1936) with Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Young


8:00 pm    N.Y., N.Y. (1957) Directed by Francis Thompson
8:10 pm    CRASHING HOLLYWOOD (1931) Dir.: Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle
8:55 pm    STREET OF FORGOTTEN MEN (1926) with Percy Marmont  
10:10 pm    MOONLIGHT AND PRETZELS (1933) with Roger Pryor, Mary Brian
11:35 pm    HI DIDDLE DIDDLE (1942) with Adolphe Menjou, Pola Negri

Friday, March 16th

9:00 am    SKIRMISH ON THE HOME FRONT (1943) w/ Alan Ladd, Betty Hutton
9:10 am    CONTENTED CALVES (1934) with Grady Sutton, June Brewster
9:35 am    HIS NEW LID (1911) with Thomas Ince
9:50 am    CLASSMATES (1914)  with Blanche Sweet, Henry B. Walthall
10:55 am    LAUGHTER (1930) with Nancy Carroll, Fredric March, Frank Morgan


1:10 pm    LADDIE (1940) with Tim Holt, Virginia Gilmore, Joan Carroll
2:25 pm    TILLIE’S TOMATO SURPRISE (1915) with Marie Dressler
2:35 pm    PARTNERS THREE (1918) with Enid Bennett, Casson Ferguson
3:50 pm    JUST NUTS (1929) with Harold Lloyd, Jane Novak, Roy Stewart
4:05 pm    A DEEP BLUE PANIC (1924) with James Parrott, Mildred June
4:30 pm    ASTRAY FROM THE STEERAGE (1921) with Billy Bevan,
4:50 pm    CONFESSIONS OF A CO-ED (1931) with Sylvia Sydney


8:00 pm    REMEMBERING RICHARD GORDON Hosted by John Cocchi
8:15 pm    THE TOY SHOP (1929) with Joseph Swickard, Virginia Marshall
8:25 pm    A SONG IN THE DARK III Hosted by Richard Barrios
9:55 pm    FOOD AND GROWTH (1920s) Informational Short
10:05 pm    THE DARK MIRROR (1920) with Dorothy Dalton, Huntley Gordon
11:00 pm    GRACIE ALLEN MURDER CASE (1939) with Warren William

Saturday, March 17th

7:45 am    Buses will begin to load from the front entrance of the Holiday Inn for the 35mm presentations at the Palace Theatre.  Last bus leaves the Holiday Inn at 8 am.
8:30 am    NO CHILDREN (1928) with Smitty and his Pals
THE JANITOR (1919) with Hank Mann, Madge Kirby
THE PEST (1922) with Stan Laurel, Vera Reynolds, Mae Laurel
THEIR FIRST EXECUTION (1913) with Ford Sterling
GET YOUR MAN (1927) with Clara Bow, Charles ‘Buddy’ Rogers
MR FIX-IT (1918) with Douglas Fairbanks, Wanda Hawley


HAIL THE WOMAN (1921) with Florence Vedor, Lloyd Hughes
ONE A MINUTE (1921) with Douglas MacLean, Marian DeBeck
SURPRISE, SURPRISE (1937) with The Three Stooges
ONCE IN A LIFETIME (1933) with Jack Oakie, Sidney Fox
    The buses will leave the Palace Theatre immediately after the presentations.


8:10 pm    A TRIP TO THE MOON (1902) Dir.:Georges Mèliés
8:20 pm    THE MUSIC MAKERS (1929) with Willie and Eugene Howard
8:30 pm    TO BE ANNOUNCED
10:05 pm    MAMBA (1929) with Jean Hersholt, Eleanor Boardman, Ralph Forbes
11:20 pm    KING OF THE KONGO, Ep. 5 (1929) with Walter Miller
11:40 pm    EXILE EXPRESS (1939) with Anna Sten, Alan Marshal

Sunday, March 18th

9:00 am    LOVE THY NEIGHBOR (1940) with Jack Benny, Fred Allen
10:30 am    THE AUCTION (2012) Hosted by Leonard Maltin
12 noon    JUSTIN HERMAN SHOW IV (1950’s Paramount Toppers)
12:35 pm    WITHOUT REGRET (1936) with Elissa Landi, Paul Cavanaugh
1:55 pm    THE UNTAMED (1920) with Tom Mix, Pauline Starke
2:50 pm    CHAMPAGNE WALTZ (1937) with Gladys Swarthout, Fred MacMurray

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