Friday, March 23, 2012

El's home movies - filming on the set

I recently wrote about some "lost" El Brendel home movies coming to light and in the post I showed some scans of what appears to be footage from the set of the 1940 Universal feature "If I Had My Way".  Well, here is a recently unearthed picture of El actually doing the filming on the set of the movie!!

The printed on the snipe on the rear of the photo has all the info:

Eddie Leonard.,most famous of all minstrel men, is one of several stage stars who return to the bright lights for an appearance in the new Big Crosby - Gloria Jean picture, "IF I HAD MY WAY" at Universal. Here Eddie talks to Charles Winninger while El Brendel photographs them with his home movie camera.


Stacia said...

So that is a photo of El filming the exact home movies which you have right now.

I'm... I'm verklempt. That is so amazing I have run out of adjectives.

Louie said...

Stacia, It would certainly appear so!!